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Is Sunshine State Music Festivals Only For Concert Bands?

This inaugural year of 2013, yes, we are only hosting Band Concert performances. However, we are well on our way to add choirs, auxiliaries and orchestras for next season. Sign up through our Stay in Touch and you’ll be notified when those performance opportunities are added.

How Do I Sign Up My Group?

That’s easy! Go to our registration page and complete the requested information and one of our staff will contact you to give you more information and guide you through the rest of the process.

Will there be time to do other things while we are there?

Yes, our staff can help get you set up with other activities to do while you’re in Florida. There’s so many things to choose from, you’ll have a hard time making a decision!

How will I know if my group is ready to compete?

All groups grow and learn at different rates, but the wonderful part about the SSMF is the opportunity to hear first hand, instantly feedback from nationally known musicians. The experience alone will take your program to another level and give your kids that special feeling of accomplishment. Regardless of whether you’re THE WINNER, everyone in your group wins from an experience at Sunshine State Music Festivals.

Who are your judges and clinicians?

Great question! They change each festival, but you can check our Events page and see the judges/clinicians selected for each event.

What is a the schedule for our performance?

Although the exact times aren’t chosen until closer to the event, you can see what a typical performance schedule would look like by checking out The Details page.

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